We’re Building Your Future

Pre-Built Concepts builds modular homes in Texas.

We bring passion and precision to the housing market through modular construction with a focus on quality, efficiency, and reliability while making a difference in our communities.



We work beside you to help you design, fund and bring your ideas to fruition. We also help you utilize some of our Prebuilt Predesigned models that we can use to give you rapid land development.

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PBC brings the total package to modular homes in Texas. We specialize in off-site pre-built construction. We also work as a General Contractor to help you with horizontal and vertical construction.

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We innovate through increasing your values while shortening the overall time of your project through Modular Construction where we can build the Vertical at the same time we build the Horizontal.

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PBC walks you through your project from start to finish. We assess what is important to you to ensure your needs are met. We reduce costs by removing unnecessary items from your project.

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* Founded in God
* Integrity Driven
* Transparent Communication
* Quality Product
* Exceptional Service
* Community Outreach


As we reach our profit caps, we set aside excess profit and look to find ways to improve the communities around us.

Also, as we develop projects we look at the communities around them and see how we can further improve their needs.